In the wake of the concert tragedy at the Indiana State Fair over the weekend, officials associated with the Alton Amphitheater inRiverfrontParkare reminding the public of their plan if inclement weather threatens.  A gust of wind from an approaching storm took down the stage in Indianapolis Saturday night just minutes before country band Sugarland were to begin their set. 


Park & Recreation Executive Director Brad Cunningham says one big difference between the facility here and what was being used inIndianapolisis the stage.  The one that collapsed was temporary, whereas theAltonstage and covering is permanent.



Cunningham comments


Cunningham says they pay close attention to the weather forecast, beginning several days before any event.  There is no shelter inRiverfrontPark, so officials would make an announcement if a threat develops, giving the crowd as much time as possible to get to their cars or find alternate cover.  This Thursday night is the next in the free concert series, featuring Journey tribute band "Stone In Love."