The state convention of the American Legion of Illinois turned out to have a payoff. The state treasurer’s unclaimed property division, marketed as I-Cash, presented the Legion with $88,058.43 recovered from various Legion-related accounts over the years.

“If an American Legion post had closed,” treasurer Dan Rutherford said, giving a hypothetical but typical example of what happened, “and, let’s just say, there was a savings account in the name of the Legion post, but it was closed down, and the bank tried to mail the statement to the address they had.”


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The treasurer’s office said the total included 25,650.40 belonging to now-closed posts and now property of the American Legion of Illinois. The Illinois auxiliary owns $23,588.47, and the remaining $38,819.56 belongs to existing posts.

Rutherford advises everyone to run their own name through the I-Cash web site two or three times a year; he himself is awaiting $97.17 from a forgotten PayPal receipt, possibly from selling something on eBay.

Rutherford says he’ll spend some of the money on pizza and put the rest toward his mortgage.

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