If lawmakers want to change the state’s constitution, they’re going to have to pay for some stamps.

Multiple constitutional amendments are being proposed. They range from term limits for elected officials to the fair maps amendment, which would take drawing legislative districts out of the hands of politicians. State law requires that voters get a notice in the mail telling them about any constitutional amendment that will be on the ballot. That task falls on Secretary of State Jesse White, but his office is pressed for money.

The secretary of state’s spokesman Henry Haupt said the last constitutional amendment notifications cost nearly $2.5 million.

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“Without a budget, or without a special appropriation, it would be a real problem to print these and to mail them because there’s just no spending authority,” Haupt said.

The General Assembly gave White’s office $10 million in December when he warned that drivers’ license offices would close without funds. Haupt said he doesn’t know whether there’s another appropriation in the works.


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