Contract talks have stalled between the Alton School District and the Alton Education Association, with the sticking point, apparently the salary re-opener in the current contract.   Both sides have been meeting with a federal mediator, but to no avail.  The Alton Education Association will present the School Board's offer to their membership next Tuesday.  

The AEA represents nearly 800 teachers and other staff, and according to a post on its website, the bargaining team does not endorse the district's latest offer.  AEA President Edie Banks says the budget for the 2011-2012 fiscal year does not include funds for any pay raises.  


Banks comments

Alton School District Finance Director Christopher Norman says over the next week, the district will have a limited role in what happens next.

Norman comments

The district will receive about $2-million less in funding from the state and local levels, thanks to numerous factors, including general state aid being pro-rated, a drop in the CPRRT tax, a reduction in the EAV, a drop in enrollment, and the Governor's amendatory veto of transportation funding.  There are no more talks scheduled at his time between the two parties, but neither side is talking about a possible strike at this point.