Keith SmithAlton Police are giving much of the credit to the public, as a number of guns and a large amount of drugs have been taken off the streets in recent weeks.  One bust in particular led to the largest cash forfeiture in Alton history - $67,000 from a house on Burling Drive.  That is in the neighborhood behind the former College Crest Motel.

The suspect fled in that case, but police know who they are looking for.  Alton Mayor Brant Walker says this is a big deal for the law-abiding citizens of Alton.

Walker comments

Police Lieutenant Scott Golike says in one case, their eyes were in the form of a delivery driver.

Golike comments

Antwon JacksonThat suspicious package turned out to be about 10 pounds of cannabis being delivered to a vacant house.  Crack and powder cocaine has also been siezed as part of this recent series of arrests.  Among the weapons taken off the streets were a 9mm Ruger, a Glock 27 .40 caliber, and a Mac-10 semiautomatic pistol.  Police are still looking for Keith Smith and Antwon Jackson.  Simmons refers to them as "known high-level drug dealers."  If you know of their location, call 463-3505, or the anonymous tip line at 465-5948.

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