There may be another packed house at Alton City Hall tonight.  With the city’s lone animal control officer reportedly unavailable to handle an injured dog incident, there is a report of Alton Police officers having to put down an injured dog on Monday.  Animal rights activists are saying it was done in an inhumane way.

It is alleged that the dog, which was wounded after being hit by a car in Upper Alton, was shot repeatedly after medical treatment could not be found.  Susie Marburger, who volunteers for various animal rescue organizations, tells The Big Z a call has been put out on social media by a group of animal rights activists to attend tonight’s City Council meeting. 

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Alton Police Department Public Information Officer Emily Hejna tells The Big Z a Tuesday afternoon meeting was held to bring police and animal rescue representatives together.

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Hejna calls the incident “unfortunate” and notes most police officers are also animal lovers.  The Alton City Council meets tonight at 7:30. 


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