The Alton Committee of the Whole met for the final time in 2012 last night, preparing recommendations for the full council meeting on Wednesday.  Among the items that will be acted upon tomorrow is an access agreement for the Veteran's Administration to investigate the feasibility of constructing a handicapped access sidewalk to the federal cemetery from Pearl Street.

There is a void in the headstones as you look at the cemetery from the street, and the V.A. wants to know if the path is in the clear, or if there are bodies missing headstones.  Alton Corporation Counselor Jim Schrempf says the government is considering using an ultrasound to scan what is beneath the surface.

Schrempf comments

In other committee action, an ordinance concerning color-coordinated roofing materials is being considered.  Apparently some homeowners are purchasing shingles of various colors at reduced cost, and creating what the city considers an unsightly patchwork of colors on some homes.  The city will also consider allowing restaurants that do not serve alcohol the opportunity to apply for a sidewalk cafe permit.

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