The Alton City Council wiped the books clean of any pending legislation at last night's meeting - the final one for 2012.  As was the case at the Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday, approval was given to the same resolutions, and the rules were suspended in order to pass a handful of ordinances.

Those new ordinances include the ability for restaurants that do not serve alcohol to apply for a sidewalk cafe permit, and the updating of the fire code to the 2009 International Fire Code Standards, after building codes were updated last year.  An ordinance was also passed granting a special use permit to allow for an in-home daycare at 1,900 Beall Avenue in Alton, and for the rental of a guest house at 632 Summitt.  The city is also giving permission to the Veteran's Administration to explore the National Cemetery on Pearl Street to see if it would be possible to construct a handicapped access sidewalk.  Finally, an ordinance concerning color-coordinated roofing materials has been passed.  Some homeowners are purchasing shingles of various colors at reduced cost, and creating what the city considers an unsightly patchwork of colors on some homes.  

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