The Mayor of Alton has put the city's budget together, but it's still a time for belt tightening. Tom Hoechst has dealt with massive penny-pinching since taking office a few years ago. While times are still tight, he says there are some small increases in spending.

The operating expenses last year were budgeted at a little over $30-million. Hoechst says there is work that has been on the back burner for a while that cannot be avoided anymore.

Hoechst comments

Hoechst says while the city has been operating at or near the bare minimum for the past couple of years, volunteers such as those on the Climate Protection and Energy Efficiency Committee and the Alton Beautification and Clean City Committee have made a difference. This year's budget can be seen at the city's website, which you can find under the Links tab.  There will be a public hearing on the budget at the start of the June 27 City Council meeting at 7:30.

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