The Alton City Council has approved a scaled-back version of a plan that would bring ambulance service to the city.  The Alton Fire Department will operate the service, but only one ambulance will operate at a time and no additional staff will be hired.  The service should be up and running by April 1 of next year.

The original plan was to put two ambulances into service and hire additional staff, however the plan changed as the idea evolved.  With the updates, the expected revenue the service will generate has also gone down.  Alton Fire Chief Bernie Sebold spoke to the Big Z after last nights meeting:

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The city will still purchase two ambulances, one for front line service and the other in reserve.  Current staff will be used to man the ambulance as needed and the city will seek a line of credit from a local financial institution for the purchase.   The City also signed a contract with Andres Medical Billing of Arlington Heights, Illinois, who will charge 5% of collected revenue for the patient billing service.

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