Chad Grimm - Libertarian Candidate for Illinois Governor Party You have more than two choices for governor.  "I want to get rid of the 'wasted vote' syndrome that's out there,” says Peorian Chad Grimm, who is on the Libertarian Party ticket. “People believe that when they vote, that they get scared, and they vote for the lesser of the two evils. But the bottom line is: if enough people vote for a third party, then a third party can win.”
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The real win, Grimm says, is if he gets five percent of the vote, which would sharply reduce the number of petition signatures required to get Illinois Libertarians on the ballot in the future. Grimm says there's little incentive to have faith in the two brand-name parties: “We've got pension problems,” he says.  “They're talking about making what was supposed to be temporary income tax hikes that happened back last year, or at the end of the year before, more permanent.”
The income tax increase, from three to five percent, occurred in January 2011.  Grimm is 32, was born in Peoria and raised in Lake Zurich.  He attended Harper College and now works in his family's business, managing the Gold's Gyms in Peoria and Morton.  Illinois' Green Party is introducing its slate later this week.


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