Illinois' top law enforcement official says she hopes new laws will make police officers better trained and more accountable. Attorney General Lisa Madigan says recall would be a good provision to have; she does not necessarily say Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez or Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel should be tossed out now because of the Laquan McDonald shooting.

In an interview, though, with WBBM Newsradio Chicago, Madigan did launch what could easily be seen as a broadside against the decision-making process about the decisions of whether to charge the officer who killed McDonald – and whether to comply with public-records requests to release police video in the case.

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“There is a necessary period of time in terms of being able to do an investigation,” Madigan said. “That period of time does not extend to 400 days.”

Madigan also says there's a disconnect between white elected officials – many of whom are insulated and surrounded by sycophants – and non-whites in the general public, and that has to change.

“Yes, you have to find some way as a representative of the people,” she said, “to make sure that you are aware, informed, and in touch with those concerns that are out there.”


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