Terry FiskThe Hayner Public Library is hosting a speaker tonight that will speak on the afterlife from the perspective of both the sciences and the paranormal.  Terry Fisk is an environmental philosopher who studied religion and philosophy at the University of Wisconsin and is a member of the International Association of Environmental Philosophy.  The talk begins at 6:30.

Hayner's Executive Director, Bernadette Duvernoy, says he will hilight scientific evidences for the afterlife.

Duvernoy comments

Scientific examples include the university studies of mediums, near-death experiences, past-life regressions, and out-of-body experiences.  He will also speak on his confrontation with the famous skeptic and debunker James Randi.  Tonight's presentation is at Alton Square Mall in the room at the top of the escalators. To RSVP for this free event, call 1-800-613-3163.

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