The American Federal of State, County, and Municipal Employees isn't pleased the Illinois House couldn't override Governor Bruce Rauner's veto of a bill that would have required binding arbitration. 
Rauner has said he wouldn't lock out state workers even as contract negotiations continue, but AFSCME spokesperson Anders Lindall doesn't buy it.
"[There were] political attacks the Governor, his administration, and his political allies mounted against [Senate Bill 1229]," Lindall says.  "They portrayed this as somehow alien or dangerous.  It couldn't be further from the truth."

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Lindall says there are other people like police officers and firefighters who already get to use binding arbitration.  He says he's troubled by the alleged threats of retaliation against lawmakers who voted for it, and the use of attack ads by political action committees. Lindall says what Rauner says and what he truly believes are two different things.  "Given the mountain of misinformation and false claims that he made through the debate, I'm not sure anyone could take him at his word about that,"  Lindall says.  "We'll be back at the table next week, and we'll see if they have a new attitude and really want to reach a fair agreement."
Lindall says he believes the only thing Rauner really wants to do is force a strike and effectively shut down state government, forcing what Lindall calls Rauner's "extreme" policies on Illinoisans.

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