You can count rural emergency medical service providers among those who will be adjusting to the Affordable Care Act, Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon said at a Springfield “Illinois EMS Summit.”   She described the ACA as “version 1.0” and said everyone involved is simply experimenting to see what “version 1.1” will look like.  As for how the rural EMS community will be affected, Simon said, “When we have more people who are insured, I think we will have more people who are able to engage in (preventive) care. (There will be) less need to respond to an emergency if you’ve been able to address your health care in advance.”

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Simon said many people simply use the ambulance as their ride to the hospital, whether they are under medical duress or not. She says it also is counterproductive that the insurance is more expensive in areas which have more poverty, such as rural Southern Illinois.


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