A couple of months ago, a concerned Alton resident spoke in front of the city council, concerned he may have to get rid of the chickens he keeps in his backyard.  While having the chickens is a violation of city ordinance, it was explained that he would likely be left alone, unless a complaint was filed.  A proponent of keeping urban chickens says the birds are not a problem in an urban setting.

Billl Ruppert is a resident of Kirkwood, Missouri, and is involved in the Gateway Greening organization.  He says the biggest issue in raising chickens is protecting them from predators.

Ruppert comments

We have linked to that article below.  The Alton ordinance banning chickens, hogs, and other animals many view as better suited for the farm, was put in place in the 1930's when Alton began evolving into a more urban setting.  




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