Expect more like this: the children's and family advocacy group Voices for Illinois Children is putting on a campaign to save social programs by keeping the income tax where it is: five percent.  When lawmakers passed the two percentage point increase in the state's flat income tax four years ago, it was scheduled to recede to 3.75 percent Jan. 1. All that has happened since then is an outcry over whether state-funded programs can withstand that now. That, and a change of governors.
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Voices wants Gov.-elect Bruce Rauner and the General Assembly note of what she says is the cost of allowing the tax rate to roll back.  A program the group is spotlighting is Teen REACH, which costs a reported $600 per child per year. It helps 14,000 kids in 57 Illinois communities.  “These are programs that actually help Mom and Dad provdie food (and) provide income,” says Voices' policy and advocacy director, Emily Miller. “After school progams are not just babysitters; they are really necessary to both enrich a child's life and make a family's life better.”
The story of after-school programs is the first installment of a series the group is putting out called “A Stronger Illinois.”