A journey of almost 50 years included Tuesday morning a trip from Chicago to Springfield for Jennifer Gholston.  Gholston is among the first people in the state to take advantage of a new law which allows adult adoptees born in Illinois to apply for their original birth certificate. That certificate will come in the mail.


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While you don’t have to come to the state’s Division of Vital Records in person, many did – in their drive to see the process through. In Gholston’s case, the certificate will reveal to her - for the first time – the name of her birth mother.  “I’m able to move from a system … that held onto laws that … just don’t benefit people anymore,” she says. “I still have a lot more work before me, so this is just a part of the journey. It’s a huge, wonderful part, but that’s still not it. It’s not over.”  The sponsor of the new law, State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz (D-Chicago), is herself an adoptee and also submitted an application in person. She says the new law will help up to 250,000 adoptees.   



(Illinois Radio Network)