A federal prosecutor says a St. Clair County probation officer is naming names in an expanding drug investigation.  Assistant U.S. Attorney James Porter argued unsuccessfully that 45 year old James Fogerty should be denied bail because his former drug customers might force him to flee.  Fogerty is accused of supplying drugs to former Judge Michael Cook and Judge Joseph Christ, who died of an overdose in March.  

The judge granted Fogerty, of Belleville, unsecured bail of ten-thousand dollars, plus electronic home monitoring.   He reportedly told an FBI investigator that he sold drugs to both judges, and Fogerty said he had sold cocaine to one or both of the men in the past on several occasions.  Christ died in March of a cocaine overdose at a hunting lodge in Pike County, where he was visiting with Judge Cook.  Neither Cook, nor Fogerty, have been charged in connection with the death of Christ.  

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