The latest attack on Bruce Rauner’s career in finance centers on threats he supposedly made to a woman who sued his former investment firm. The allegations involve a company called LeapSource, a business outsourcing firm. When its female chief executive considered suing Rauner’s investment firm over issues such as allowing a hostile work environment, Rauner supposedly threatened her.

“He turned a blind eye,” said State Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie (D-Chicago), “and maybe it isn’t surprising that what he said about the woman who was the chief executive of LeapSource: ‘I’m gonna bury her.’”

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But Rauner denies ever making any threats. “I think you should check the transcripts, they’re publicly available,” Rauner said. “I think you’ll find that that’s not accurate.”

Transcripts provided by the Rauner campaign don’t include any of the supposed threats, which were brought up in depositions made by the executive and a LeapSource board member.

Most of the lawsuit was later dismissed by a federal judge – on technical grounds, without passing judgment on merit – but the threat allegations were not addressed in that ruling.

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