Illinois doctors are encouraging their colleagues to become more educated on the Affordable Care Act.   At a forum for health care professionals at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, physicians who support Obamacare emphasized that they must be able to dispel myths about the law to their patients.
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“You break the act out to its different components, and you find ‘Well, I’m for that. I don’t think we should have pre-existing conditions, but I’m against Obamacare,’” said Dr. John Tulley of the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Systems. “They’re against something that they really don’t know what it is.”
Tulley said that confusion goes as far as the name of the law, pointing to recent polls where more people said they opposed “Obamacare” than the Affordable Care Act.  In the week since the health insurance marketplaces opened, physicians say the confusion has grown, with patients not understanding how the exchanges work or if they’re eligible for coverage.
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