Add Triple-A to the list of organizations opposed to a higher speed limit.   Brad Roeber, president of the Aurora-based Triple-A Chicago Motor Club, says his organization is concerned about safety. He says lawmakers are being hasty. “It’s our obligation as a proponent for the motoring public to stand up and say maybe we need to think more closely about this, as opposed to just rushing to judgment, as it appears the legislature is, to raise the speed limit to 70 here in the state,” he said.
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The Illinois Senate approved by a vote of 41-6 a bill that would raise the speed limit to 70 on Interstate highways where it’s 65 now. Six counties in the Chicago metropolitan area and two counties in the Metro East area would be allowed to opt out, if they wish. The measure is under consideration in the House. The governor has not taken a position on it. IDOT is against it, citing safety concerns.  In 2011, the state raise the truck speed limit from 55 to 65, and Roeber says that has resulted in additional crashes and fatalities involving those vehicles.  The adjacent states of Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky and Missouri have a 70-mph speed limit. It’s 65 in Wisconsin.
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