A teenage boy from Seaton, in northwestern Illinois, has some college money from the project he’s had for the better part of a year.  16-year-old A. J. Line, who will be a junior at Mercer County High School, sold his grand champion steer for $52,000. AT&T and Monsanto shared the winning bid.
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Line called the experience “overwhelming,” adding that there is more to it than brushing and feeding: “Keep him in an air-conditioned room every day, about 45 degrees; and darkness really helps too, because it’s just a natural instinct, and they think they need to grow hair to stay warm.”  Line is quick to share the credit: “It’s not all me at all. It’s in his genetics and stuff. I help on the little things, but he’s the one making all the decisions, really.”  The steer’s name?  Holyfield. That’s because he lost part of an ear to frostbite.
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