You've heard of Star Wars Day – May the Fourth. And CB Radio Day – Ten-Four. All kidding aside, February 11 was 2-1-1 Day.  In most of the nation, and half of Illinois' 102 counties, you can dial 2-1-1 for information about services such as utility and rent assistance, or suicide prevention.
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“If you have a family, for interest, that is looking at having their power shut off,” says Jarid (cq) Brown, spokesman for the United Way of Central Illinois. “and they need some utility assistance, they can call 2-1-1, and they'll immediately connect them with the government agency or with the local nonprofit who can provide some help.”
Brown says while 2-1-1 is available in 90 percent of the nation, Illinois has been a late adopter and only has it in 51 of its 102 counties.
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