The weather last year in Illinois was warmer and more rainy than normal.  Rainfall was 45.62 inches, which is 5.43 inches above normal, making 2011 the 10thrainiest year since statewide record keeping began in 1895.  State climatologist Jim Angel, based in Champaign, says this will seem strange to residents of Central Illinois, stricken by drought during the summer.


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“The perception from there would be that it was a very dry year, but if you go in Northern Illinois, and especially Southern Illinois, it’s been very wet throughout much of the year, so they definitely would agree that it’s been a wetter-than-normal year,” he said.  It was also slightly hotter than normal, by .8 of a degree Fahrenheit. The statewide average was 53 degrees.  “Normal” is the average for the previous 30 years, 1981-2010.


(Illinois Radio Network)