Members of Occupy St. Louis are no longer camping out at Kiener Plaza. That's because the city is now enforcing the park's 10 p.m. curfew, and a ban on tents in the square. Nearly 30 protesters were arrested Friday night for breaking the curfew, but have all been released. There will be a hearing on Tuesday about whether enforcing the curfew violates protesters' First Amendment rights.

Some of the protestors were on hand just outside the plaza on Saturday night, and also near the Scottrade Center for the Blues game, but there were no arrests made and no problems. Most were holding signs supporting the cause of Occupy St. Louis. The group first took up residence in the plaza on October 1, but city officials said the group needed to move out because they were violating city curfew ordinances and needed to make way for upcoming holiday events.

(WBGZ-ME/Metro News)