Professional Hearing Associates

1344 D'Adrian Professional Park Godfrey, IL 62035

Dr. Joe Hopper

Dr. Joe Hopper, FAAA (Doctor of Audiology) formed Professional Hearing Associates in 2018 after being with another locally owned practice for over 22 years, seeing patients in the greater Riverbend area.

Searching for excellent hearing healthcare can be a very confusing and intimidating task.  Many patients don't know where to start and more importantly, who to trust.  As a result, it is our passion to help those with hearing difficulties find success with the creation of an Audiology Practice that offers the highest quality services.

Our mission is to define the communities expectations of hearing healthcare.


Kim Hopper

Kim Hopper is the office manager and patient coordinator.  Kim is an integral part of the practice offering compassion, caring and personalized realtionship building that are the keys to the exceptional patient experience one will receive at Professional Hearing Associates.  







Why Choose Us?

Come see a Doctor of Audiology

  • We spend time to educate the patient to achieve the best hearing results.
  • We provide the most comprehensive and detailed audiometric testing in a sound booth.
  • A patient can see inside their own ear with this advanced otoscopy.
  • Quality hearing devices by TOP manufacturers.
  • Excellent follow up care means you receive an outstanding and personalized patient experience.
  • We are passionate, caring and LOVE what we do!

Our Product Partners

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