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Trigger Talent

(618) 972-1600

3109 Godfrey Rd. Godfrey IL 62035

Illinois Concealed Carry Classes are held at the Alton-Wood River Sportsmen's Club at 3109 Godfrey Rd. in Godfrey. Classes are taught by Mark Maggos, NRA Certified Instructor and one of the most accomplished hand-gunners in the area. Learn it all the right way, and be safe!

Classes include:

Illinois Concealed Carry 1

For beginning and intermediate shooters, we're offering the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course. it provide basic shooting fundamentals and completes 8 of the 16 required hours. ($125, includes NRA Certification)

Illinois Concealed Carry 2

Everyone is required to take Concealed Carry 2, the second 8 hours of the 16 required. This class includes the 30
round qualification test. ($125)

Both Classes for ONLY $175!

Please call to make reservations. Private Sessions are available for Small Groups, Family & Friends, and Tactical Training. Personal Protection Inside the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home.