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Why Sell Gold @ Sams Pawn Shop?   It’s simple: Itemized Pricing!! ALL pricing on jewelry is broken down by karat, weight, sellable vs scrap and valued accordingly by individual piece!!   Diamond Value!! Typically “Gold buyers” don’t consider diamonds in their valuation because they only want the Gold value..some even pay less because diamond weight takes away from overall Gold weight!   Jewelry Value!! We resell Jewelry..Sellable pieces can bring more than a “scrap price” because we DO resell jewelry!! That allows us higher valuation than just refining Gold for Gold Value!   Higher Valuation! We pay near Spot on ALL Gold Coins and higher than industry standards on jewelry!   Experience!! Over 30 years in one location and over 40 years experience in buying/selling Gold! Why deal with someone who doesn’t do this daily with regular hours? This isn’t a side gig...this is ALL we do!!    Loan Value!! If you aren’t sure whether to sell or not...we offer CASH LOANS at the same valuation...ONLY a Pawn Shop can offer that!!   Trade!! Based on our valuation...you can turn your Gold into other merchandise!! Firearms, Tools, Other Jewelry, Electronics...ONLY a Pawn Shop can offer that!   Cash!! We pay cash EVERY time...no checks!   Check out our History @ samspawninalton..com!!          

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posted: October 27 2022 at 3:07 PM


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