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Broken dreams. Do you ever feel like your hopes and dreams have been shattered and thrown off a cliff, filed into family court, with no parachute or safety net in sight?

Your children. Feel like they're especially vulnerable during this free-falling period?

Hi. My name is Olivia. If that's you, then my friend Aaron and I would like to invite you to a safe place to protect you and your children's dreams. It's called the EMPATHY OPTION. A group of peer parents tagged CLU covering people like me when absence of our children, or battle resiliency is needed. A new, free community resource in the area. And it helps whether it's a high conflict divorce, deployment to war, or legal separation issue with kids.

These peers like me at CLU wanted my children and me to feel safe during that trying time, in the know, saved by grace, and happy as we could be. And the best part is, there's no money involved. They just want what's best for my family and I. And the results speak for themselves.

That's why I'm posting this today and telling everyone I know who might need it. If times are rough, then a united CLU parents meeting might help. Because that was me. And those were my children's dreams crushed. Our social lives, emotional states, and financials are all in free-fall with no safety measures in place. Sadly, we all know people who didn't survive the intersection of "family" law versus law. Or, it was way more taxing on the family than it needed to be like in all the news stories.

That's why I'm so proud to introduce CLU and its EMPATHY OPTION - free family gap coverage that works with you and yours, instead of systemically against you and yours.

Are you your children's hero?

Let's foster those feelings with free team coverages. Innovating at-home connection-keeping practices that always self-develop the same. Heroes helping heroes realize their superpowers.

Together you and I already do things to help protect our children. Like using a child safety seat in the car. Or like using childproof locks on our cabinets and childproof caps on our medicine bottles.

But during a life wreck like divorce or parental separation, it's a lot like a car wreck, and we do nothing about getting outside of ourselves and seeing more advanced options.

Yet, next-generation safety depends on you - good parents stepping up and knowing about comprehensive coverage and new safety measures.

So, my friends and I at team CLU are inviting superheroes like you to de-risk those risky times. The higher conflict your separation, the safer we can make it.

Together we can and should change the trajectory of your dreams falling, and help other people see what kind of innovative parachutes and safety nets are coming online with your help.

Unbreakable dreams. Would you like unbreakable dreams?

Come and see what the new CLU has to offer you. How CLU helps many families of the future root for their roots against all odds. How CLU self-develops wonderful achievements at home. How each parent covering their own children (times three) is much safer than before. Safer than being without coverage. You know, during those sometimes risky free-falls of difficult family law negotiations and family court disconnects.

Danger and brokenness. Sadly, statistics show that being unrepresented and sometimes muted through negotiations and family trials often leaves uncovered children over taxed in the middle (OTIM).

#NotKnowing #NotGrowing #NotGlowing

Think safer, easier and unbreakable. Would you like your dreams to be safer, easier to follow, and unbreakable? If so, you're invited to join us and think "DoorDash" before going off a cliff. Family gap coverage you can depend on for you and your family.

(Virtual meetings only as of this posting. Adults only please. References and free reference materials are also available. Policymakers and conventional family lawyers are also encouraged to join and see innovative new safety measures.)

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posted: December 28 at 12:55 PM
updated: December 29 at 7:30 AM

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