Simmons SD9K electronic drum set. (full electronic kit with sound module,cables, rack and electronic cymbals).

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Price: $500.00

This Simmons kit is shown with the optional Hart Dynamics snare and toms. They are not included in the price of the Simmons kit. They are for sale individually or all together at a additional price. I will add more pics tomorrow of the Simmons drum pads. All are like new. The Pictures of the other drums with guitar and Pearl Icon drum rack are so you can see some of what is available and are NOT included in this sale. Christmas Bonanza!!! I have many single drums and partial sets that includes snare drums, toms, bass drums etc. Some of the makers are ddrum, Pearl, Tama, Taye, Premier, Ludwig, A mixed Hart Dynamics(partial) Electronic set and a Simmons SD9K(full electronic kit with sound module, rack and cymbals). Multiple Pearl Icon drum racks with drum mounts, Tons of Misc. hardware. Including cymbals, sticks, etc. and just about anything else you could ask for. Sound equipment, Mixers, etc. A couple guitars and effects pedals. I will be making individual listings as time goes on. I just wanted to get this in here and see if there was any interest in the general items. 30 years of stuff in one place. Please just let me know what you are looking for. Email me at with any interest you may have. NO LOW BALL OFFERS PLEASE. This is quality equipment. Thank you. Tony.

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posted: October 13 at 1:43 AM
updated: November 12 at 6:03 AM

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