Doberman Shepard Puppies $300

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10 week old black and tan and can get redfish or blonde colors mixed in over time as they grow. 75% German Shepherd 25% Doberman Pinscher. Grandma 100% Doberman Pinscher 95 LBS Grandpa 100% German Shepherd 110 LBS Father 100% German Shepherd 90 LBS Mother 50% G.S and 50% D.P. 80 LBS Brother 120 LBS Very good blood line and breed is among top 5 smartest dog with all breeds Very serious guard dog, very loyal and protective, fun, loves to play, loves to cuddle Are trained as Service Dogs, police, and military $300 Call Joshua or Jo Ann (618)250-9379 to schedule a time to meet these cuties in person (618) 670-1747ask for Jo Ann

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posted: September 26 at 1:30 PM
updated: October 10 at 4:52 PM

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