ALTON - Chad Campbell has been on his own fitness path since high school. From playing just about every sport in high school that had a uniform to receiving his Certificate of Personal Trainer in 2010. His journey did not happen without setback and struggles, but he was able to discover himself and learned that it is not something you do with a deadline, but instead a way of life you must choose to commit.

Early this year in January Chad opened Functional Fitness Images. It is his mission to help others in their fitness journey. Through his own fitness journey, Chad fully believes in a having experienced mentors; those people who have achieved success in their lives and are willing to teach others how to properly create a realistic plan. He was able to learn about exercise mechanics, program designs, and that nutrition was just as, if not more than, important for all of it from his mentors. Now at Functional Fitness Images, he wants to mentor others and teach them the important information needed for their own fitness journey.

Right now Functional Fitness Images is in the process to work with a Titleist Performance Institute certified golf instructor that would not only help players with their game but help them learn what part of their body they need to work out in order to improve their golf game. There will be a television, a laptop, a tablet, a simulator, and other technology that will allow them to do this. It will tell the golfer more about their swinging posture, their rotation, and if they are putting too much weight on a certain foot as well as other things. “Chad’s use of technology to open up new opportunities to serve clients is proof of his desire to help all achieve their physical fitness goals. It also shows his entrepreneurial spirit to expand his horizons,” said John Keller, President of the RiverBend Growth Association. This will allow Chad to know what specific exercises the golfer needs in order to improve. Functional Fitness Images plans to use this info and create a specialized workout package for the person. They will focus on certain things at a time, and break them into increments and sessions. “The new golf tech is an excellent addition to Functional Fitness Images. I am looking forward to trying out the system,” remarked Adam Stutz from WBGZ, and an ambassador for the RiverBend Growth Association.

Functional Fitness Images also focuses on group exercise. They set up two “lanes” for people to complete certain exercises. After completing these a couple times you move onto the next “lane” that has different exercises. They focus on low-impact, full body exercises that depends on the skill level of the group. Functional Fitness Images believes in working out safely; they focus on not allowing anyone to exhaust and injure themselves. This truly is a place where anyone, no matter where they are on their fitness journey, to come and get the workout they need.

As a proud member of the Riverbend Community, Chad believes in helping those in need. Early this year Functional Fitness Images raised $600 and donated two full SUV’s full of clothes and non-perishable foods to Oasis Women’s Center. The day of the event 18 people came to the group workout and donated, but throughout the week more and more people came to donate to the Oasis Women’s Center. They also do a Thanksgiving Day early morning group workout where they gather non-perishable food items to donate to the Oasis Women’s Center. Along with the Oasis, Functional Fitness Images also is involved with the Boys and Girls Club of Alton’s Annual Golf Tournament, Alton Area Animal Aid Association (Five A’s), and the Metro East Humane Society.

Functional Fitness Images also carries IDLIfe products which offer a wide range of products to support your health and wellness plans. Some of their products include IDLife HYDRATE which is like Gatorade but with no grams of sugar and only 10 calories. If you would like to learn more about these products visit

To contact Functional Fitness Images or Chad Campbell you can visit them online at, call 618-365-1427, or like their page on Facebook to keep up to date with all the exciting things happening. On Monday’s there is 5 AM Group Training and 630PM Functional Group Training. Tuesdays and Thursdays there is 6 AM suspension training and 630PM Group Class. Wednesday there is 630PM Functional Group Training. On Fridays, there is a 5 AM Group Training, and on Saturdays, there is an 8 AM Group Training. All these classes are $5-Drop in except on Saturdays when it is $10. For more information on personal training contact Functional Fitness Images.

The RiverBend Growth Association supports Functional Fitness Images and their members by offering a Showcase to member businesses. Please visit if you would like to know more about this member benefit. The RiverBend Growth Association is the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development organization for the 12 municipalities known as the Riverbend. For more information about the Growth Association, please visit, call 618-467-2280, or like our page on Facebook to keep up to date with all of our news, as well as our members.

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