Internationally known Rich Guzzi performed at Edwardsville's Wildey Theater on Friday evening to a crowd of about 400 patrons, all of whom left the show feeling more lighthearted and positive. 

Brooklyn born Guzzi is a comedian that does hypnosis - and not the other way around - and has been seen on Access Hollywood and other shows. Tonight he entertained locally to a roaring crowd who witnessed first-hand the art of hypnosis. Part of his goal was to dispel dis beliefs people have about hypnosis. Rich Guzzi
Hypnosis, Guzzi explains, is a level of consciousness where one has focused attention and decreased peripheral awareness to a point where he or she is especially responsive to suggestion. So, when he suggests that the participants are the jockey in the Kentucky Derby, each one truly feels that he is riding that horse.
Also tonight, each of the 14 participants were able to show off his and her dance moves to YMCA or as ballerinas.
A climactic performance by Aretha Franklin and Prince, or two people who temporarily believed they were those rock stars, was concomitant with applause from the audience. Guzzi uses his gifted talent of comedy and blends it with his skill of hypnosis to take a hilarious situation and extrapolate it into extraordinary.
Michael Jackson made an iconic appearance as well as J-Lo.
Guzzi was explicit in giving credit to the brave folks who volunteered to open his senses to hypnotism, knowing full well that he may be a tad embarrassed by the events that ensue. This is all in good fun, of course. Further, the star of the show wasn't Guzzi, it was those exact participants on stage. Guzzi referred to himself only as the "director."
Between the "director," the stage members and the audience, Guzzi says what ensues is a "three-ring circus." Having attended the show tonight, I can personally say that this was more fun than any-ringed circus.
Looking around the theater I found nothing but laughing and giggling patrons of the show, some whom had a spouse or significant other on stage and the rest still found it gut-wrenching with silliness. David Fahrenkamp had a close view of the show in the second row and said, "Guzzi made the evening fly with hilarious twists provided by the willing victims from the audience. I was either laughing or smiling throughout the show."
Despite the crazy scenarios yet seriousness of the partakers who did truly seem to believe they were on vacation in the Caribbean, putting on sunscreen and lounging on an over sized beach chair, Guzzi left the audience with an important message. 
"Hypnotizing can be inspiring," he said when speaking about those who benefit from it. Having seen loved ones pass from complications related to tobacco, Guzzi strives to use hypnotism to help people quit smoking. His goal is to inspire thousands to drop the addiction. Typically after shows like these, he gets phone calls and emails galore from audience members and others asking for help to improve their lives. They ask for help losing weight, developing optimism, learning to relax.
Guzzi used hypnotizing music to help in the initial process. That inspirational music is available on a collection of CDs he has available for sale along with other CDs to help make more money, quit smoking, lose weight, manage anger, reduce stress, improve sleep, achieve greater athleticism, increase the power of your mind and create a more positive attitude. 
The comic hypnotist will be back in town Saturday, June 20th. His home page is

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