WEEK Three: Special Splash Awesome-Autumn Series!
"Are You Feeding Your Child's Brain, What It Needs?"

WEEK Three!

Colorful Vegetables are powerful antioxidants, essential Nutrition, keeping Your Child's Brain at It's healthiest!

Consider having your child eat these colorful vegetables, regularly, for a healthy, thriving, developing brain:

- Tomatoes

- Sweet potatoes

- Pumpkin

- Beets

- Spinach

- Red & Green Bell Peppers

- Broccoli

- Red cabbage

- Carrots

And, the like, along with a balanced meal plan!

Special Awesome-Autumn-Splash: Recommendation:
Keep these Colorful Vegetables on-hand, easy access, for your child, year round!

Health Benefits of eating nutritious, colorful Vegetables:

- Boosts Brain Cellular Overall Health

- Boosts Brain Cell Protection!

- Helps to Cleanse & Eliminate Waste!

Just hitting the highlights!


Supplements: Check out your local health food store for liquid or chewable "Vegetable" supplements!

You can always have supplements on hand, for easy access!

Serving Size: Always, portions are according to height & desirable weight!

No real worries to be concerned about "calories" if served often, just avoid the "extras!"

Moderation & Frequency" is the general guideline!

Just Remember! Week Three Especially, feed your child's brain Colorful Vegetables or appropriate Supplements, to realize the health benefits!

Make this Splash Health-Tip an Awesome Autumn a Healthy habit, for You & Your Child!

The health benefits & nutritious value of these rich colorful vegetables, cannot be denied!

Do not deny your child!

Medical Caution: As always,beware of any food allergies, food intolerance!
Seek professional medical recommendations!

Caution! Excessive eating of "one" colorful vegetable, may cause "skin discoloration!

Eating a "variety" is advised!


Stay tuned, for next week's Awesome-Autumn Splash Health-Tip, to do all that you can do, to feed your child's brain, what it needs!

Seize the Day!

Holly Fairfield

"Health Bites, the Health Benefits of Eating Dark, Leafy Vegetables"

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