Week SIX!
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Awesome Autumn Series, Week Six

"Are you Feeding Your Child's Brain, What It Needs?"

"Dairy Delivers for Your Child!"

Dairy products are packed with calcium, potassium, proteins, vitamins, minerals, i. e., riboflavin, essential for neurotransmitters & enzymes, for brain tissue growth & for healthy brain development, tissue regeneration & along with immediate & sustaining bone health!

Milk, Derry Foods & Dairy Recipes or Dairy Products, in general, like Ice Cream yogurt, cheese, & the like, provides a big energy boost when served with Carbohydrates!

It's incredibly important to, start a healthy "Dairy" habit during childhood!

"What Do We Really Know, What We Think We Know about Dairy Products?"

Experts have been touting the health benefits eating fruits & vegetables. And, more recently laying it on heavy about the benefits of whole grains for children!


"Breaking Dairy News!"

Okay, brace yourself, for breaking news, seemingly!

Currently, nutrition experts are re-examining previous findings & daily requirements for children, pouring it on heavier, about the health benefits of "Dairy!"

Experts are pushing the importance of reexamining the daily requirements of "Dairy, which may be 10 times the requirements" as previously published in medical journals & medical reports, due to compilation of historical evidence, reveling data, the potential of "osteoporosis" a degenerating bone disease, among other conditions!!

Splash Health-Tip: Read every dairy label, for Serving size, avoid unwanted sweeteners & additives, impurities, in all dairy products!

Important to keep "Dairy" refrigerated

NOTE: There certain Dairy Products, which are labeled as organic or "fortified." You be the judge, based on requirements & dietary needs, of your child!

Bonus-Splash-Suggestion: Make, for easy access, "Dairy" snacks, i. e:
single serving sized of milk, chocolate milk, ice cream, pudding, yogurts, & cheese sticks, to enjoy throughout the day & early evening!

Why not serve milk in a chilled glass, with a straw?
And, add a splash of honey, cherry, orange or pineapple juice!

Drop a couple cranberries or a dark candy Kiss, in for a surprise!

"Don't waste your child's precious time, drinking sugary calories & eating fillers, empty calories, saturated fats & the like, when, what children need is "Derry" along with a healthy balanced meal plan!

Just remember!
Week Six!
Follow this Awesome-Autumn' Health-Tip, because Dairy Delivers, for your child!

IMPORTANT Medical Caution: As always, beware of any & all "Dairy" allergy or lactose intolerance!
Check with your child's medical team, for best advice, best individualized, professional recommendations, for "Dairy!"!

Just remember! Include "dairy" in your child's diet, for overall brain health, because dairy delivers!

Follow these weekly Awesome Autumn Splash Health-Tips, to benefit your child's targeted growth & brain development!

Seize the Day!

Holly Fairfield

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