"Omega 3, Essential Fish Oils, a Fatty Acid, promotes Your Child's Brain Growth & Development!"!

Highlighting the Health Benefits of Omega 3, Esp., for Your Child!"

- Boost Concentration levels

- Anti-inflammatory

- Rich in Nutrients


Food Sources:

Salmon; Wild Salmon has omega 3 fatty acids

Vegetables, i. e. Spinach

Nuts & Seeds, i. e., Walnuts, Sunflower Seeds


Supplements: Check out your local health food store for chewable supplements!

You can always have supplements on hand, for easy access!

Serving Size: Always, portions are according to height & desirable weight!

Omega 3 Health Benefits:

- Metabolism

- Healthier appetite

- Improves Brain Function

improves quality of life

Just Remember! Week One: Especially, feed your child's brain with Omega 3 foods or Supplements!

Make this Splash Health-Tip an Awesome Autumn a Healthy habit, for You & Your Child!

Stay tuned, for next week's Health-Tip!!

Seize the Day!

Holly Fairfield

Sources: Omega 3, from Wikipedia; Dr. Oz Show

Harvard School of Public Health

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