WEEK Four!

"To Bean, Or Not to Bean, Is the Question!"

Beans, all types of Beans are powerful Proteins, Complex Carbohydrates, loaded with Vitamins & Minerals, essential Nutrition, Feeding Your Child's Brain Energy & Thinking Powers!

Consider having your child eat "Beans of all kinds" for a healthy, thriving, developing brain!

Types of Beans:

- Black Beans

- White Kidney Beans

- Red Kidney Beans

- Navy Beans

- Lima Beans

- Barbecue Beans

  Chili Bean

- Baked Beans

- Seemingly Infants love Mashed Beans in Applesauce!

And, many other type of Beans, along with a balanced meal plan, is dynamite, for kids!

Special Awesome-Autumn-Splash: Recommendation:
Keep an abundance of "Beans" on-hand, easy access, for your child, year round, for regular consumption!

Health Benefits of eating nutritious, Beans, of all kinds:
- Sustains Brain Cellular Overall Energy Level
- Helps Thinking Power
- Assists in eliminate LDL, the Bad Cholesterol, overall

Just hitting the highlights!

Supplements: Check out your local health food store for liquid or chewable "Bean" supplements!

You can always have supplements on hand, for easy access!

Serving Size: Always, portions are according to height & desirable weight; Read all labels!


Rich in Protein, Complex Carbohydrates, Fiber, rich in Vitamins & Minerals, Beans are one of our healthiest, all natural, foods, so, just read all labels!

Beans should be served often, just avoid the "extras!"
Moderation & Frequency" is the general guideline, for the health benefits!

Just Remember! Week Four Especially, feed your child's brain "Beans" or appropriate Supplements, to absorb the health benefits!

Make this Splash Health-Tip an Awesome Autumn a Healthy habit, for You & Your Child!

The health benefits & nutritious value of "Beans, of all Kinds of Beans" cannot be denied!

Do not deny your child!

Medical Caution: As always,beware of any food allergies, food intolerance!

Warning: Be certain, that your child is "completely & thoroughly chewing any type of Beans, before swallowing!
Repeat! Any poorly chewed bean or uncooked bean or swallowed whole bean, could cause abdominal discomfort or severe pain!

Caution! Cooking instructions must be followed carefully, do not under cook beans, as, it could cause abdominal pain, could be toxic to your child's system!

Eating a "variety" of BEANS is advised!

Stay tuned, for next week's Awesome-Autumn Splash Health-Tip, to do all that you can do, to feed your child's brain, what it needs!

Seize the Day!

Holly Fairfield


from Wikipedia; Dr. Oz Show;
Harvard School of Public Health


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