In his more than 25 years of professional racing, Kenny Wallace has had to do more than get behind the wheel and race. He’s also been responsible for putting together multi-million dollar sponsorship deals and maintaining those relationships–as well as those with fans, media, and others involved with the sport.

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It was with that background and his passion for sports in his hometown of St. Louis, that he weighed in on the Rams relocation to Los Angeles.

“First and foremost, if the NFL wants a team to work in a city they’ll make it work,” said Wallace. “We know the NFL has a lot of extra money to help strengthen a team in a particular city. It’s very clear that St. Louis is not an NFL favorite city for some reason.”

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St. Louis Rams announce move to Los Angeles“There are two types of owners–as far as any type of professional sports, whether it’s the Cardinals, the Blues, or the Rams. For me, Kroenke competes in wealth and he feels like it’s a victory for him when he makes a lot of money. So, he treats the team as a piece of real estate–and I’m not even being mean to him.

“I’m just saying that Kroenke–I understand his type of person. I’m around people like that and as long as I know I’m dealing with people like that, then it’s okay.

“Then you have the other owner. That owner has a sense of pride in the town and real competition for the home team and they work hard to make it work and stay in the city that they love. Unfortunately, for me, the NFL and all sports is so big now that the day of the sense of pride for the owner of your city is gone and I think this is kind of the message that’s been going on.”

While the majority of the conversation was about the Rams move, Wallace also offered some opinion on the 2016 outlook for his beloved St. Louis Cardinals.

Wham-bam thank you Pham!

Wham-bam thank you Pham!

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