(Jupiter, FL) Sharing that he injured his lower abdominal while placing a 45lb weight back on the rack, Adam Wainwright was confident that his situation should not be of major concern.

“Very minor deal,” said Wainwright. “I did it in the beginning of my workout, felt a little twinge and didn’t even think anything of it and finished my workout. About another 45 minutes in there and didn’t even think about it.”

The St. Louis Cardinals pitcher will return home later today and meet with a specialist regarding the situation.

“Anything I say about it would just be speculation, I don’t think it’s very serious at all. I think we’re probably going up there and probably not going to see much of anything at all, but I don’t know that.”

The discomfort is not constant as the right-hander continued to go through workouts afterwards.

“The interesting thing is I could go out there and throw a bullpen perfectly fine right now,” stated Wainwright, who threw a bullpen and a flat-ground after the injury. “The only time it hurts is when I’m seemingly running. Maybe I pitch this year and don’t let anybody hit the ball (laughs). No, as the symptoms have gone down it’s gotten better and better. I don’t foresee this being a problem, but like I said, I just don’t know.”


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