(Jupiter, FL) Going so far as to do his normal warm-up for a game, normal warm-up for an inning, and then a simulation of facing three batters, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright had an aggressive bullpen on Thursday morning.

“Good bullpen, I stepped up the intensity and velocity of everything–all my pitches and threw it with greater conviction,” said Wainwright. “I felt very good coming out of and very good doing it. Very good step.”

The simulated inning mirrored the work Adam could face as early as Sunday when he’s expecting to throw his first live batting practice session.

“My arm has felt great the whole time,” said Wainwright, who is healing from an abdominal strain. “We did some other tests in the training room today that all have been greatly improved over the last week too, so just a great day all around.”

Still not cleared to run, Wainwright has been able to return to a modified workout routine.

“I’m able to do anything as long as it’s not split-legs,” explained Wainwright. “Bi-lateral movements as far as squats go, press goes, everything fine as long as I’m not doing one-arm stuff or one-leg stuff that causes my core to stabilize.”

Wainwright threw between 40-50 pitches in his bullpen.


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