MADISON COUNTY - A pair of teenagers and a man, who saved the life of another man who was experiencing medical issues in an area fitness center pool recently, are true heroes.

Abby Sherrill, 19, and Miles Bell, 17, and the man, Jeff, rescued a person who was in the area pool, and even though it was in 4-feet of water, he began to have serious trouble and had what gym patrons described as “a seizure in the pool.”

Dr. Kevin Bell, Miles’ father, said Abby immediately noticed the swimmer was having trouble and was confused.

“He started to shake and became confused, and Abby ran to the side of the pool and held onto the swimmer,” Dr. Bell said. “Miles immediately stopped his workout and ran to the pool. He took his shirt and shoes off and, running at the same time, saw Abby was doing her best to keep the swimmer’s head above water. Miles jumped into the water, and the other man, Jeff, arrived to assist to get the person on the pool deck.

“It was a difficult task. Once the person was positioned on the deck, they turned his head to the side and Abby and Miles held on to him and 911 was called. Miles noticed the man was breathing fast, but not choking. First responders arrived on the scene quickly and tended to the person, then moved him to a nearby hospital.”

Dr. Bell said the good news was the man survived and eventually was released from the hospital and is doing well.

“If it was not for the quick action of staff member Abby, and high schooler Miles, the outcome would have been bad,” Dr. Bell said.

The man rescued said he was “deeply thankful” for the heroics of Abby, Miles, Jeff, the first responders, and hospital personnel who tended to him during the incident and helped lead him to recovery. The fitness facility also contacted those who assisted the person and told them they were very appreciative of what they had done in this situation.

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