Couples names: Travis and Rachel, babe, baby, hun,

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City: Bethalto

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Date met pr started dating: January 24, 2011

Date married: October 7, 2017

What makes your relationship special? Our connection. We may bicker and argue a lot but we really know each other. We know what the other is usually thinking or about to do, we've finished each other sentences and said the exact same thing at the same time more times than we can count. She has always supported and encouraged me through all of my adventures and ideas regardless if we agreed on it or not she still supported them from briefly joining a motorcycle group in my early 20s to recently quitting my job and opening a store of our own in Bethalto it didn't matter she has supported me.

Share a memory you have made together: The first time we went camping together was right after we got our dog Rebel. We loaded up ourselves, 2 dogs and 2 of my brothers to go to Bennett Springs for a few days. It was opening week but colder than normal so the park was empty aside from a family (from Holiday Shores surprisingly) and a handful of other locals or long term campers. With it being so cool the dogs were passed out in the back seat of the truck so we cracked the windows and left them sleep, an hour goes by so we go to see if they're awake and take them potty but Rebel beat us too it and pooped in the floorboard of the driver side. We didn't know this until later when we went to leave and as we pull out of the parking lot to go to another spot to fish the smell hits me first then her, we are now looking for a pile of poop and I find it on the driver floorboard just barely missing my wader boots and being smeared into everything, at this point completely grossed out I open the door as I'm moving and kick it out into the road. At this point my older brother sees it bounce into the grass and yells out to our other brother I think he just threw dog **** out his truck! He then busted out laughing and didn't let me live it down for months.

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