Top Officer, Special Agent, Telecommunicator, and Forensic Scientist Honored for Their Actions and Accomplishments During 2021 and 2022

SPRINGFIELD – Illinois State Police (ISP) Director Brendan F. Kelly gathered today with ISP staff and their families, local law enforcement officers, and distinguished members of the public for the ISP Awards Ceremony. The ceremony was held to recognize individuals for their significant contributions and dedication to public safety.

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Director Kelly presented individuals with the following awards; Director’s Award of Distinction, Medal of Valor, Medal for Honor, Meritorious Service Medal, Achievement Medal, and Lifesaving Medal. Each award recipient was recognized for their exemplary service to ISP and the citizens of Illinois.

“ISP’s greatest strength is our people – troopers, specials agents, telecommunicators, analysts – and I am proud and honored to work alongside them all,” said Director Kelly. “Integrity, Service, and Pride are ISP’s values and the people we are honoring today embody those values. Thank you to those who have answered the call to pursue justice and protect the public.”

In addition to the awards that were presented, eight ISP employees received special recognition for exemplary service during 2021 and 2022. Special recognition was given to the ISP Officer of the Year, Special Agent of the Year, Telecommunicator of the Year, and Forensic Scientist of the Year.

Sgt. Justin A. Frankford

2021 Officer of the Year, Sergeant Justin A. Frankford

Assigned to District 18 in 2021, Sergeant Justin Frankford’s work ethic, professionalism, courage, and overreaching desire to be of service to others is evident in his daily work performance. Sergeant Frankford’s unwavering dedication to serve the people of Illinois is reflected through the daily performance of his duties, his high criminal arrest and traffic enforcement record, and his investment in his community.

Sergeant Frankford is a self-motivated person who led the Division of Patrol in interdicting criminal activity for the last four years. In 2021, Sergeant Frankford’s relentless pursuit to prevent crimes from occurring led to him making 439 criminal arrests, which included numerous drug arrests. In 2021, Sergeant Frankford’s efforts to interdict crime led to the seizure of 53 illegal firearms- the most by anyone in the ISP. Sergeant Frankford’s efforts align and contribute to the ISP mission.

Frankford is actively involved in his community and has participated in several non-profit events in his community that involve children. One event is the Squirrel Bowl, which he co-founded, and is held to raise and donate money to Honor Flights and underprivileged children in need of food and clothing.

Special Agent John Murphy

2021 Special Agent of the Year, Special Agent John M. Murphy

Special Agent John Murphy, assigned to the Zone 1 Violent Crimes Unit (VCU) in the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI), has become recognized by his supervisors and peers alike as an intelligent, competent, and hard-working investigator frequently sought out to assist in long-term investigations.

In 2021, Special Agent Murphy was responsible for investigating multiple violent crime investigations, including but not limited to first-degree murder, attempted murder, aggravated battery with a firearm, reckless discharge of a firearm, aggravated domestic battery, aggravated kidnapping, criminal sexual assault, aggravated driving under the influence resulting in death and threat to a public official. Special Agent Murphy opened over 18 criminal cases, completed 222 investigative reports and 142 Evidence Expenditure reports, and executed over 120 search warrants. Special Agent Murphy assisted with investigating over 40 cases and responded to over 20 after-hour callouts. Special Agent Murphy mentored and supervised ten Special Agent Candidates newly assigned to the VCU.

Mark White

2021 Telecommunicator of the Year, Telecommunicator Specialist Mark A. White

Telecommunicator Specialist (TCS) Mark White has proudly served the Illinois State Police (ISP) for over 25 years and has exhibited exemplary performance.

TCS White not only has an exhaustive knowledge of the position; but he openly and freely shares that with his colleagues, particularly new staff that are coming on as trainees. TCS White has developed an extensive network of professional relationships with colleagues in various facets of Emergency Medical Service and has shown an aptitude for following up with these peers after a difficult call and sending emails to recognize the efforts of others with a like-minded mission to serve the public.

One noteworthy highlight from Mark’s award-winning year was his careful handling of a stolen vehicle incident in Moline that was attempting to flee and elude police. The suspects crossed several districts in their attempted escape and TCS White remained on the telephone with the vehicle owner and provided updates on the status of the pursuit, which ultimately led to the suspects capture without incident.

TCS White shows an extraordinary desire to keep developing in his role and has furthered his education in the field as evidenced by his efforts with the RapidSOS pilot program at the Sterling Communications Center that is expected to be an asset for ISP for many years to come.

Bryan A. Tomac

2021 Forensic Scientist of the Year, Forensic Scientist II Bryan A. Tomac

Mr. Bryan Tomac serves as a Forensic Scientist II in the Firearms/Toolmarks Section at the Metro East Forensic Science Laboratory. With only seven years of experience in the field of forensic science, Mr. Tomac has already established himself as a model of innovation and professionalism.

Mr. Tomac has demonstrated extensive job knowledge and confidence, related to evidence handling and the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). He trains user agencies on how to use the LIMS evidence submission interface and provides valuable assistance whenever agencies encounter challenges. At the Metro-East Laboratory, Mr. Tomac completed firearms analyses that were critical to supporting the Illinois State Police (ISP) Public Safety Enforcement Group (PSEG). PSEG and the Division of Criminal Investigation Zone 6 focuses on reducing violent crime in East Saint Louis. Mr. Tomac’s work provided forensic support of these activities.

In 2021, Mr. Tomac completed over 350 cases, and more than 50 percent of these cases were completed in seven days or less. In addition to this commendable productivity, he was also relied upon to work difficult, complex, and large cases. Mr. Tomac’s dedication to providing exceptional service to the ISP, the criminal justice system, and the community is recognized and greatly appreciated.

2022 Officer of the Year, Trooper Ryan W. Donegan

Currently assigned to the Statewide Anti-Violence Enforcement (SAVE) Unit within the Strategic Operations Command, Trooper Ryan Donegan’s unwavering dedication to serve the people of Illinois is reflected through the daily performance of his duties, his high criminal arrest record, his dedication to removing impaired drivers from our roadways, and his willingness to mentor other officers.

Trooper Donegan is a three-year veteran of the ISP, and a United States Air Force veteran with seven years of dedicated service. During 2022, Trooper Donegan was assigned to District Chicago until May 2022, when he began a temporary duty assignment to the Statewide Anti-Violence Enforcement Team. Trooper Donegan is also a Field Training Officer who trained several District Chicago Probationary Troopers during 2022.

In 2022, Trooper Donegan conducted 352 traffic stops, made 34 Driving Under the Influence arrests and 42 criminal arrests, seized 19 firearms, and recovered 18 stolen vehicles.

2022 Special Agent of the Year, Special Agent Jeffrey L. Karns

Special Agent Jeffrey Karns, assigned to the Zone 6 Public Safety Enforcement Group (PSEG), distinguished himself throughout 2022 through exceptional leadership, unmatched work ethic, operational focus, and superior service

In 2022, Special Agent Karns was responsible for investigating multiple high-profile violent crime investigations. He opened over 22 criminal cases, completed over 180 investigative reports, and conducted more than 70 cellular data extractions. As a certified Cellebrite Analyst, Special Agent Karns frequently performs cellular data extractions from cellular devices related to Zone 6 Violent Crime and Public Safety Enforcement Group (PSEG) investigations. Special Agent Karns continues to be the subject matter expert with data collection and cellular extraction capability and is routinely called upon for his expertise.

Special Agent Karns routinely gives back to the community by engaging the youths of the Metro East through events as the National Night Out, Illinois Department of Natural Resources/ISP Fishing Derby at Frank Holton State Park, Christmas Toy Drive and Delivery events, and East Saint Louis High School Homecoming events.

2022 Telecommunicator of the Year, Telecommunicator Specialist Donald G. Caraway

Telecommunicator Specialist (TCS) Donald Caraway has proudly served the Illinois State Police (ISP) for nearly 5 years at the DuQuoin Communications.

TCS Caraway was instrumental in assisting his supervisors with the transition and training of other TCSs on a new computer aided dispatch program. On his own initiative, he studied the program in depth, reviewed all training materials, and became proficient at troubleshooting issues. He freely shared his knowledge among his peers and helped them realize the most efficient ways to utilize the new program. TCS Caraway has great knowledge of computers and software programs which make him a very valuable member of the communications team.

One noteworthy highlight from Donald’s award-winning year was his careful handling of an incident where a Trooper was struck by a motorist leading to injury. He demonstrated a very calm, composed, and professional demeanor throughout the traumatic incident. His actions helped others stay focused and keep control during the intense situation.

TCS Caraway provides a positive impact in his community. He is active with local youth as a Boy Scout leader and with the local 4H Club. He has helped provide local youth the opportunity to travel to a conference while also helping the local high school band.

2022 Forensic Scientist of the Year, Forensic Scientist III Brian A. Stevenson

Mr. Brian Stevenson serves as a Forensic Scientist III in the Drug Chemistry Section at the Metro East Forensic Science Laboratory. Throughout his career, he has been a model of professionalism, knowledge, and service. Mr. Stevenson has consistently been a highly productive analyst, and his commitment to providing quality services to the criminal justice system has been exceptional.

Mr. Stevenson is often the go-to person for resolving general Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) software issues in the Drug Chemistry Section. He also routinely assists with trouble-shooting instrumental issues in the Drug Chemistry and Trace Chemistry Sections and is the point person for coordinating all new instrument installations. He facilitated networking the Section’s instruments which improved the Drug Chemists’ ability to record analytical results more efficiently.

Mr. Stevenson serves in several supportive roles to the Forensic Sciences Command. He is the Chairperson of the Drug Chemistry LIMS Committee, which helps resolve software issues and implement solutions that affect Drug Chemists across the state. He also serves on the Drug Chemistry Command Advisory Board. This board leads and implements process improvement initiatives for the Section statewide.

In his time away from work, Mr. Stevenson can often be found volunteering with a local non-profit organization, Restore Décor, where he applies the same level of commitment as he does with his work responsibilities

Below is the complete list of 2021 and 2022 ISP Award recipients:

Director’s Award of Distinction

Michael Chamness

David R. Curley

Terrence D. Donnell

Officer Jarrod Elliott

Keith D. Gray

Johnathon G. Nuckles

David Marcet

Keith Olson

Kevin Olson

James V. Riley

David Schillinger

Anthony J. Shipman

Officer Raymond L Sollars

Wojciech Szflarski

Daniel J. Tuohy

Grace Tuohy

Susan L. Tuohy

Director’s Award of Distinction (Cont’)

Quinton D. Wallace

Chadwick J. Willey

Medal For Valor

Sergeant Jeffery A. Graham

Sergeant Matthew W. Hannan

Sergeant Jeff D. Moore

Special Agent Tyler J. Hoogerwerf

Special Agent Mark S. Perry

Trooper Adam G. Bowers

Trooper Marcos M. Diaz

Trooper Delano D. Harris-Samuels

Trooper Michael D. Higgins

Trooper Alexander J. Oakley

Trooper Matthew A. Reents

Trooper Steven E. Smith

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Trooper Robert D. Swift

Medal For Honor

Trooper Joseph A. Gray

Trooper Kevin M. Howell

Meritorious Service Medal

Inspector Greg C. Robinson

Sharon S. White

Achievement Medal

Dr. Andrew J. Dennis

Assistant Deputy Director Thé V. Tran

Captain Gregory A. Hacker

Captain Larry J. Martinez

Lieutenant Christopher J. Weidler

Master Sergeant Timothy M. Good

Master Sergeant Michael D. Link (2)

Master Sergeant Charles R. Tolbert

Sergeant Michael L. Kindhart

Sergeant Paul D. Maravilla

Bureau Chief John Mack

Amy J. Jeffers

Jill Anderson

Jaime M. Brock

Jonathan E. Earnest

Bruce A. Kugler

Elizabeth J. Luper

Robyn L. Nation

Laura J. Reisse

Colleen O’Sullivan

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Carl J. Weitzel

Lieutenant (Retired) Robert Sgambelluri

Lifesaving Medal

Lieutenant Kenneth B. Benson

Master Sergeant Bryan M. Clauson

Master Sergeant Jeffrey D. Enderli

Master Sergeant Daniel R. Menke

Master Sergeant Jason Ramert

Master Sergeant Jarran T. Riley

Lifesaving Medal (Cont’)

Sergeant Travis Richard T. Helkey

Sergeant Steven K. Korzenewski

Sergeant Cynthia Wilsdorf

Special Agent Emmarie L. Snyder

Special Agent Kasey D. Stinebaker

Special Agent Colin M. Subick

Trooper Javier Barboza

Trooper Daniel L. Broadway

Trooper Jonathan P. Carrigan

Trooper Brandon C. Engleking

Trooper Nathan A. Fey

Trooper Douglas T. Fillip

Trooper Blake W. Fox

Trooper Matthew A. Giamanco (2)

Trooper Francis M. Gilliam

Trooper Ravonn E. Hankins

Trooper Michael D. Higgins

Trooper Edward R. Kazupski

Trooper Brandon D. Kittle

Trooper Eric J. Kuchta

Trooper Vitto J. Lozada

Trooper Adam T. Markwell

Trooper Kristopher Martinez

Trooper Alec R. McCarthy

Trooper Christopher L. McClenning

Trooper Anthony W. McLaren (2)

Trooper Ryan A. McMahon

Trooper William C. Mueller

Trooper David Roman

Trooper Riley A. Stevens

Trooper Miguel N. Vega

Trooper Ryan N. Wagner

Trooper Scott A. Wetzler

Trooper Clayton R. Woodard

Sergeant Jeffery D. Jones

Sergeant Carlton Riley

Officer Michael A. Boyd

Officer Lasalle D. King

Trooper (Retired) Troy R. Davis



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