EDWARDSVILLE - This year's Edwardsville baseball team battled through the COVID-19 Pandemic and kept intact, won a regional championship and had an excellent overall season with a 34-4 record.

Edwardsville Manager Tim Funkhouser is very proud of his team for being able to overcome many obstacles, including missing the 2020 season because of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

"This team had had to overcome that any other teams, with missing out on COVID last year," Funkhouser said. "They just really brought it every day, and came together as a group, and we did some sensational things during the regular season. The regional is a great jewel in our crown, and we wish we could have played better against O'Fallon on Wednesday. But credit O'Fallon and their pitcher did a great job, and their team really performed well."

This year's Edwardsville senior class had much to overcome as well, and all performed very admirably in very difficult circumstances.

"They had to deal with missing a whole year," Funkhouser said. "A lot of those guys who are seniors would have impacted our club last year. So they missed out on that. And then, they brought everybody together, and we had a ton of guys working with us early on, and then, the group that we kept for the postseason, I couldn't be more proud of how they all did their job each day. I think those lessons learned in life are great because we've got some special guys here."

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