EAST ALTON - The demolition of the Wood River Power Plant Building next to the three high stacks went as expected on February 1 and as of Friday, March 5, slightly more than a month later, most of the debris has been removed.

Workers have been hard at it even in the bitter cold and snowy conditions in February and early March to remove the remains of the old plant.

There is not yet an official date firmly set for the three tall towers to come down, but they are coming down soon, East Alton Fire Department Chief Tim Quigley said.

Quigley agreed that a lot of the debris has been removed at the old Wood River Power Plant site. He said it looks like the majority of it will be removed when the official date is set for the three towers to come down.

"The whole process has gone pretty quick," he said. "The plant has only been shut down for five years and they are cleaning it up and getting ready for new business. East Alton is looking forward to that boosting its economy. It really hurt when the Power Plant closed and it really hurt East Alton when it lost Winchester, but this will end up be a big positive."

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