ST. CHARLES, Mo. – SIUE wrestlers Nate Higgins, Bryce Shewan and Christian Dulaney finished among the top six in the Gold Division at the Lindenwood Open.

Higgins defeated Dayton Racer, of Clackamas Community College, 10-5 in the 165-pound third-place match to avenge his only loss of the tournament.

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"Nate wrestled well overall," said SIUE Head Coach Jeremy Spates. "In the match he lost, he made some mental mistakes. In the match when he faced Racer later, Nate did a good job with his adjustments. He didn't make the same mistakes and was a lot more offensive in that second match."

Shewan took fifth overall at 184 pounds after a 7-6 win over Limestone's Raekwon Reggler.

"Bryce wrestled really well," said Spates. "He was on offense the whole time. He was still making some mistakes technically, but he was wrestling so hard that it was making up for that. He was getting better every match and is improving with every match he competes."

Dulaney finished sixth overall, bowing out of his final match on an injury default.

"We wanted to keep him healthy," said Spates. "He was doing a good job all day and was our only wrestler in the semifinals."

Bryce Sheffer and Trent Rakers, who were competing in the freshman/sophomore division as unattached wrestlers, placed third and fifth in their respective weight classes.

Next up for SIUE is a double-dual matchup at Indiana Dec. 2. The Cougars take on Indiana at 9 a.m. CT and Cleveland State at 11 a.m. CT in Bloomington, Ind.

Lindenwood Open Results for SIUE
11/18/2017 at St. Charles, Mo.

Black Divsion (Fresh/Soph) 133
Jacob Blaha
Champ. Round 1 - Jacob Blaha (SIUE) def. Micheal Mora-Colon (Cumberland (Tenn.)) (Dec 8-7)
Champ. Round 2 - Vinny Piunti (Joliet JC) def. Jacob Blaha (SIUE) (Dec 17-10)
Cons. Round 2 - Keyshawn Laws (Cumberland (Tenn.)) won by tech fall over Jacob Blaha (SIUE) (TF 16-1)

Black Divsion (Fresh/Soph) 141A
Bryce Sheffer
Champ. Round 1 - Bryce Sheffer (SIUE) received a bye
Champ. Round 2 - Bryce Sheffer (SIUE) pinned Austin Falbe (Davenport ) (Fall 1:24)
Quarterfinal - Breyden Bailey (Northern Illinois) def. Bryce Sheffer (SIUE) (Maj 8-0)
Cons. Round 3 - Bryce Sheffer (SIUE) def. Seth Otis (Drury) (Dec 11-4)
Cons. Round 4 - Bryce Sheffer (SIUE) won by injury default over Joey Perez (Baker) (Inj. 0:00)
3rd Place Match - Bryce Sheffer (SIUE) def. Alema Favors (Cumberland (Tenn.)) (Dec 10-4)

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Black Divsion (Fresh/Soph) 157
Trent Rakers
Champ. Round 1 - Trent Rakers (SIUE) def. Marshall Green (Lindenwood (Mo.)) (Dec 9-4)
Champ. Round 2 - Trent Rakers (SIUE) def. Trevor VanVliet (NE Oklahoma A&M College) (Maj 15-5)
Quarterfinal - Trent Rakers (SIUE) pinned Dylan Shotwell (Maryville) (Fall 2:25)
Semifinal - Ben Stahlman (Drury) def. Trent Rakers (SIUE) (Dec 7-0)
Cons. Round 4 - Nate Trepanier (Lindenwood (Mo.)) pinned Trent Rakers (SIUE) (Fall 0:32)
5th Place Match - Trent Rakers (SIUE) def. Kaleb Brooks (Central Missouri) (Dec 8-3)

Gold Divsion (Open) 125
Zac Gentzler
Champ. Round 1 - Zac Gentzler (SIUE) received a bye
Champ. Round 2 - Aaron Assad (Missouri) def. Zac Gentzler (SIUE) (Dec 6-3)
Cons. Round 2 - Zac Gentzler (SIUE) received a bye
Cons. Round 3 - Zac Gentzler (SIUE) pinned Kolby Smith (Maryville) (Fall 5:09)
Cons. Round 4 - Perez Perez (Iowa) def. Zac Gentzler (SIUE) (Dec 5-3)

Gold Divsion (Open) 133

Lucas Bernal
Champ. Round 1 - Lucas Bernal (SIUE) received a bye
Champ. Round 2 - Matthew Schmitt (West Virginia) def. Lucas Bernal (SIUE) (Maj 12-3)
Cons. Round 2 - Lucas Bernal (SIUE) received a bye
Cons. Round 3 - Dearion Stokes (Joliet JC) def. Lucas Bernal (SIUE) (Dec 8-7)

Gold Divsion (Open) 141
Angelo Silvestro
Champ. Round 1 - Angelo Silvestro (SIUE) received a bye
Champ. Round 2 - Colby Smith (Missouri) def. Angelo Silvestro (SIUE) (Dec 5-4)
Cons. Round 2 - Parker Filius (Purdue) def. Angelo Silvestro (SIUE) (Dec 8-5)

Gold Divsion (Open) 141
Dakota Leach
Champ. Round 1 - Dakota Leach (SIUE) def. Sam Ritchie (Missouri) (Dec 5-2)
Champ. Round 2 - Dakota Leach (SIUE) def. Zack Schridde (Central Missouri) (Maj 12-0)
Quarterfinal - Kanen Storr (Iowa State) def. Dakota Leach (SIUE) (Dec 11-5)
Cons. Round 3 - Danny Swan (Lindenwood (Mo.)) def. Dakota Leach (SIUE) (Maj 16-8)

Gold Divsion (Open) 149
Cameron Kelly
Champ. Round 1 - Cameron Kelly (SIUE) def. Nicholas Leitten (Limestone College) (Dec 4-1)
Champ. Round 2 - Davion Jeffries (Oklahoma) pinned Cameron Kelly (SIUE) (Fall 3:15)
Cons. Round 2 - Mousa Jodeh (Illinois) def. Cameron Kelly (SIUE) (Dec 3-1)

Gold Divsion (Open) 149
Tyshawn Williams
Champ. Round 1 - Kyler Rea (West Virginia) def. Tyshawn Williams (SIUE) (Dec 4-0)
Cons. Round 1 - Jerren Glosser (Iowa) pinned Tyshawn Williams (SIUE) (Fall 4:56)

Gold Divsion (Open) 157
Karsten Van Velsor
Champ. Round 1 - Tobias Barnes (Missouri Valley College) def. Karsten Van Velsor (SIUE) (Maj 16-6)
Cons. Round 1 - Karsten Van Velsor (SIUE) def. Cole Menck (Davenport ) (Dec 13-7)
Cons. Round 2 - Kenny Boyd (Missouri Valley College) def. Karsten Van Velsor (SIUE) (Dec 12-8)

Gold Divsion (Open) 165
Nate Higgins
Champ. Round 1 - Nate Higgins (SIUE) received a bye
Champ. Round 2 - Nate Higgins (SIUE) pinned Daquon Wilson (Limestone College) (Fall 5:52)
Quarterfinal - Dayton Racer (Clackamas CC) def. Nate Higgins (SIUE) (Dec 7-2)
Cons. Round 3 - Nate Higgins (SIUE) def. Nick Kiussis (West Virginia) (Dec 10-5)
Cons. Round 4 - Nate Higgins (SIUE) won by medical forfeit over Kyle Jolas (Lindenwood (Mo.)) (MFF)
Third Place Match - Nate Higgins (SIUE) def. Dayton Racer (Clackamas CC) (Dec 10-5)

Gold Divsion (Open) 184
Bryce Shewan
Champ. Round 1 - Bryce Shewan (SIUE) received a bye
Champ. Round 2 - Bryce Shewan (SIUE) def. Matt Striegel (Missouri) (Dec 9-7)
Quarterfinal - Dane Pestano (Iowa State) def. Bryce Shewan (SIUE) (Dec 7-2)
Cons. Round 3 - Bryce Shewan (SIUE) won in overtime over Matt Waddell (Oklahoma) (OT 9-7)
5th Place Match – Bryce Shewan (SIUE) def. Raekwon Reggler (Limestone) (Dec 7-6)

Gold Divsion (Open) 197
Christian Dulaney
Champ. Round 1 - Christian Dulaney (SIUE) received a bye
Champ. Round 2 - Christian Dulaney (SIUE) def. Noah Adams (West Virginia) (Maj 18-5)
Quarterfinal - Christian Dulaney (SIUE) def. Samuel Colbray (Iowa State) (Dec 3-2)
Semifinal - William Miklus (Missouri) def. Christian Dulaney (SIUE) (Maj 12-3)
Cons. Round 4 - Christian Dulaney (SIUE) def. (West Virginia) (Maj 18-7)
3rd Place Match - Samuel Colbray (Iowa State) won by injury default over Christian Dulaney (SIUE) (Inj. 4:00)

Gold Divsion (Open) 285
Tommy Helton
Champ. Round 1 - Marcus Harrington (Iowa State) def. Tommy Helton (SIUE) (Dec 5-3)
Cons. Round 1 - Tommy Helton (SIUE) def. Ben Melton (Drury) (Dec 5-0)
Cons. Round 2 - Conor Webb (Oklahoma) def. Tommy Helton (SIUE) (Dec 5-3)

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