Every year, May 15th marks a series of significant events that have shaped both global and local histories in fascinating ways.

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One of the most transformative global events that took place on May 15th was the first flight across the Atlantic Ocean by a woman. On this day in 1932, Amelia Earhart embarked on a solo flight from Newfoundland, Canada, and landed in Ireland approximately 15 hours later. This monumental achievement not only shattered societal expectations but also marked a significant milestone in the field of aviation and women's rights.

Moving back to the beginning of the 20th century, another notable event occurred on May 15, 1911, when the United States Supreme Court issued its landmark decision in Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey v. United States. The court found John D. Rockefeller's oil empire to be an unreasonable monopoly under the Sherman Antitrust Act, leading to its breakup into 34 separate companies. This case has since played a crucial role in antitrust law and economic policy in the United States.

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Jumping forward in time, May 15th, 1940, marks the opening day of McDonald's, the world’s first major fast-food chain, in San Bernardino, California. Founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald, this small burger stand has evolved into a global franchise, fundamentally changing food culture around the world.

A noteworthy local event occurred on May 15, 1957, when St. Louis Cardinals baseball legend Stan Musial hit three home runs against the New York Giants at Sportsman's Park. This performance is still celebrated by baseball fans in the region as one of the finest in sports history.

On a more somber note, May 15, 1970, brought grief to the St. Louis area when a violent tornado struck, resulting in substantial damage and loss of life. This event remains one of the most severe natural disasters in the city's history, emphasizing the importance of disaster preparedness and community resilience.

Today, as we reflect on these events, it's clear that May 15th has been a day of both celebration and reflection throughout history. These events, whether joyous or tragic, highlight the dynamic and ever-changing nature of both global and local histories.

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