Welcome to our 'This Day in History' feature, where we explore significant global and local events that occurred on May 13th.

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In the realm of science and exploration, May 13, 1950, witnessed the launch of the first Formula One World Championship race in Silverstone, England. This race not only highlighted advancements in automotive technology but also set the foundation for what would become one of the most popular and technologically driven sports in the world.

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In the realm of civil rights and social change, May 13, 1968, stands out as the day when Paris was engulfed by massive strikes and student protests. These events were pivotal in the French social context, symbolizing a general discontent with traditional societal structures and sparking a global conversation about education, worker rights, and governmental policies.

Turning to technology, on May 13, 1995, the world's first wiki, a technology for creating collaborative websites, was launched by Ward Cunningham. His invention, named WikiWikiWeb, revolutionized the way information is curated and shared, paving the way for phenomena like Wikipedia. This innovation has had an enduring impact on knowledge sharing worldwide.

Locally, on May 13, 1956, St. Louis celebrated the completion of the Gateway Arch's foundations. This event was a critical step in the construction of what would become an iconic symbol of the city. The Gateway Arch, designed by architect Eero Saarinen, stands as a monument to westward expansion in the United States and continues to attract millions of visitors each year.

Throughout history, May 13 has been a day of firsts, celebrations, and pivotal moments. These events, whether they occurred on the global stage or in the heart of the St. Louis Metro Area, contribute to our shared and diverse human story.

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