ALTON - The Tranquility Exchange is a spiritual healing business in the Mineral Spring Mall offering reiki, yoga, sound bowls, hypnosis, massage, meditation, and more.

The Tranquility Exchange is a unique spot hidden away in the Mineral Springs Mall, down a hallway near the ballroom. Inside is a peaceful space, where yoga, meditation, and sound bowl gatherings are held, and healing reiki is performed.

Owner Rachel Treadway began the path of reiki and holistic healing only a few years ago. With a calling to help others, reiki found its way into her life. But she didn’t seek out reiki as a means to start her business. Her journey with the practice started as a way to heal herself of her own ailments.

“When I started learning reiki, I was amazed at how much it helped me. I started offering reiki from my home, since it helped me so much I wanted to share that with others. Then I end up taking this path of opening up a space for it, and offering more things,” said Treadway.

The Tranquility Exchange opened in the Mineral Springs Mall late last year. Treadway has been consistently expanding her offerings since then, bringing in friends that specialize in other areas of holistic healing such as yoga or sound bowls.

“The things offered here are things that I 100 percent believe in. I have seen changes in people right before my eyes. With reiki, it isn’t something that people have to come back and keep doing. My goal when I’m practicing reiki on someone is to clear out energy and find the root of the problem. I’ll give my clients homework to take the healing further after they’ve left the session,” said Treadway.

Reiki is a form of energy healing. Reiki practitioners use the technique of palm healing where they can then transmute and clear energies for the client. Reiki can be used to assist in healing for a wide array of things from emotional to physical healing.

“Everything we’re doing at the Tranquility Exchange is with the intention to help others. Things like meditation and yoga, those are proven practices that leave people feeling better mentally and physically. Meditation is especially powerful and something I really enjoy teaching. I do guided meditations which can really help you leave in a better head space. I also offer many beginner classes for people who are newer to these things such as my Meditation 101 classes or Healing Your Space class,” said Treadway.

The Tranquility Exchange offers both one-on-one appointments and group classes. To learn more, visit The Tranquility Exchange on Facebook

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